New Marriage, OId Passions – feat. the Rotolight Anova V2

A long hiatus from this space is largely attributed to my foray in a new marriage of passions – content production for music.

Music has been an age long passion of mine, particularly in the realm of guitar and all the effects pedals around it. So when I was presented with this opportunity to feature Randolf Arriola, Singapore’s very own loop guru – it was a no brainer. Here’s a condensed version of the day’s footages with snippets of Randolf at work.

Beyond the musical bliss, the highlight of this post would be the lighting trio – the Rotolight Anova V2. Delivering up to 1000 watts of output, 3 of these award winning lights were more than enough to get us the clean studio setting. Navigating through the unit was a breeze with intuitive controls and quick access options to brightness, color temperature and other system settings. With its full wired DMX feature and built-in WIFI, these units can also be controlled remotely through your iPhone or iPad – a great plus points for tweaking on the fly and minimizing movement on the set during the shoot.


What made a real impact on this shoot though were these two particular elements of the lights, they have a really slim profile and being LED EcoFlood lights, they could be placed really close to the subject at full power and not give them a heat stroke. This was especially crucial in lieu of the space constraints we were working. The music studio had to accommodate the elaborate speaker and music gear setup, a huge backdrop, space for Randolf to move around to get into the mood whilst playing and all our gear setup.

To me, the EcoFlood technology is definitely the game changer and what makes this light “The World’s most advanced LED floodlight”. It’s 1000W output uses 93% less power than a standard tungsten bulb, and as mentioned, at virtually no heat AND flicker free! Gone were the days when I had to work with LED panels that flickered when you adjust its brightness.


Another nice touch to the lights was the ultra-wide 110-degree beam angle of their barn doors. This allowed for a full, even light that was soft and worked well with the skin tone and allowed for a combination with the standard 50-degree for sharper light shaping, i.e. back lighting. With the barn doors, these light permutations became a swift process. For every different shot, we just had to reposition the lights’ positions and adjust the doors’ angling and we would pretty much nail the look we were gunning for.

The lights also come with a set of 6 filters to add to the texturing options. These filters came as large circular sheets that could easily be fitted into the grooves on the front of the lights.



Perhaps the only downside of this gem would be the price – it retails at $3,500 each. However, if mobility and versatility are key to your shoot jobs, the Rotolight Anova is worth the investment. We used it through the AC adaptor this time but there is an optional battery that can be purchased separately to make it a powerful mobile lighting support for both videography or photography purposes.

A big thanks to Cathay Photo, who loaned us this set for the shoot. You may find out more about this sleek, mean machines at,brand,rotolight


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