Storytelling thru the lens

It’s been a blessed journey thus far. 2014 has opened many doors and brought amazing clients who’ve become friends. That said, the greatest joy, and privilege, has to be the process of listening to their journeys, the ups and downs, but more importantly, that deciding moment that ‘put a ring on it’.

I’ve never been much of a writer, despite clocking some time as a young graduate writing press releases and responding to media queries. Images always hit the spot though, be it for that moment or as a recollection of a journey.

So for every couple who comes into the office, I tell them to forget the conventional scenic spots or looks they’ve scoured over Pinterest, Google, Instagram, etc. And just, tell me their story – How and Where they’ve met, What was that defining moment, Best and Worst memories and more.

Here are some of my interpretations of their stories in snaps:

Soccer fanatic meets Ballet Beauty | feat. Melvin & Elizabeth

Biker Boy meets Artsy Chic | feat Rex & Char

Reality Check | feat. Vig & Daphne

Puppy love | feat. Kenneth & Huibin

Ultimately, the goal is to create timeless albums – that many years on, these lovebirds will revisit these moments and remember the many reasons they declared ‘I do’.

Here’s to a great 2015:)



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