Here’s reviving this blog as part of a 2014 resolution and to mark my new journey in photography as a livelihood.


The first question that clients, and friends alike, would ask is “What kind of photography?”. In layman terms, it would pretty much fall in the broad categories of wedding and corporate shoots. But in truth, i find the heart and motivation of my works to be a catalogue of life.


That split second a bride transits from being moved to tears to a hearty laugh. The look of a proud grandma embracing her grand daughter and her new grandson-in-law. It’s instances like these that make it all count and allow my passion to take shape – Capturing moments for lifetime memories.

The last shoot was really special.

Singapore wedding bride embracing father with tears of joy

The emotions got so intense, tears actually welled up as I snapped. My style has always been that of spontaneity but this album just had that extra edge to it. It was as if every snap was directed in a harmonious sequence – a symphony of emotions.


As a client rightfully put it, “It’s not a business transaction. Let’s share the day together, in celebration” Here’s to more of such shoots.

Your humble snapper


Tried a different shot this wedding, kudos to a pair of Phottix Strato II triggers snugged away in my bag from the previous shoot.

Mounted a flash on the receiver, tossed it into the bridal car & voila – a rather interesting focus on the couple whilst showing the gorgeous ride they’re cruising around in (these triggers are definitely tagging along for future shoots!)

Amidst the creative briefs & event flow, a few of such instances will flash by – a kid’s jovial chuckle, the grand dad’s affection.. moments frozen in time that to me, sums up the relevance of photography and why i can’t stop shooting. Read More

Travelling never fails to surprise me, or rather the kinda shots my faithful 5DMarkII captures. Same lens, same camera body but always, a different feel to all the shots.

Perhaps, it’s that artistic flair that comes with a mind that’s free and relaxed – away from the corporate expectations back home. Or simply because that things are nicer overseas. Whatever the reason, travel snaps always makes firing up Photoshop/ Lightroom & editing a joyous process.

So here’s part one, me + European landscape & buildings + trying my hand at HDR.

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